SoFi Stadium Lego Model Could Break Guinness World Record | Radio WGN 720

LOS ANGELES — A Lego replica of SoFi Stadium, the site of Super Bowl LVI, is on course to break a Guinness World Record.

Master builders are hard at work crafting the model that will be installed at Legoland California Resort in northern San Diego County. In total, it would take builders thousands of hours and over 500,000 Legos to complete the replica of the huge Inglewood site that is home to the NFL’s Chargers and Rams.

“We’re very excited for this (about to be) model to arrive,” said builder PJ Catalano. “We have a record-breaking Lego stadium. It will be 30 feet by 15 feet by 4 feet high.”

Catalano said it took a “massive” company to create a model of a venue as large as SoFi Stadium.

“You’re not half-heartedly putting together a few pieces,” he said. “You outsource it, build it. You decide, you design from the bottom up. You have teams that make up different sections at different times and you need to know how it goes together.

“You have to know how it’s all going to fit together and we’re basically building giant Lego pieces that have to fit together and fit together like Lego blocks themselves. It’s a really neat process.

Catalano showed off a simulated version of the model being built that is about one-seventh the size of the one that will live in Legoland.

Next to it was a version of the Lombardi Trophy – awarded to the winner of the Super Bowl – which Catalano described as “super fun”, but not necessarily easy to build.

“It may sound simple, but it’s actually extremely complex,” he said. “There are so many different angles on this. In fact, it took about two and a half days to build it. We actually keep it in the model store, so if anyone is visiting Legoland California Resort, stop by the model store. You can actually find it in a window and come see SoFi Stadium.

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