Radio Star’s Family Performs With Breast Cancer Helpline Single

Thank you (it’s because of you) new National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline charity single from Wendy Watson, Eva May and Becky Measures

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It celebrates 25 years of work by the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline, founded by Wendy, now 66, after becoming one of the first people in the country to have a double mastectomy as a precaution to avoid breast cancer, following the death of her grandmother and his mother because of illness.

His daughter Becky, 40, of Brampton, Chesterfield, a regular Radio Sheffield presenter, also underwent the same radical surgery at the age of 24. His eight-year-old daughter, Eva May, also sings on the record.

They also believe that they are part of the first family in three generations to defy the odds and overcome what they see as a certain destiny, to be still together today.

Over the past 25 years, the helpline, which provides nationwide 24-hour service, has received more than 100,000 calls and changed the lives of 100,000 people.

Now Grandma, Mother and Granddaughter are releasing the single to tell the amazing story of the helpline and the story of the family. in thanks to the doctors who believed Wendy that breast cancer could harbor an inherited gene and helped doctors start new genetic services.

A clip for the recording shows the three of them in the recording studio, but also features photos of families who have been affected by the disease and helped by the charity.

Becky, who also worked as a breakfast host on Peak FM Chesterfield for 15 years, hopes this heartfelt and heartwarming song will raise more awareness about the charity helpline while also marking an astonishing anniversary.

Becky wrote Thanks (it’s because of you) with acclaimed music producer Scott Ford,

But the single was born after she shared her dream of recording it with Eliot Kennedy, a Grammy Award-winning friend based at Sheffield Steelworks Studio who has produced and written hits for Everyone, from Aretha. Franklin to Bryan Adams, Take That and The Spice Girls, who also raised thousands for good causes with charity concerts and recordings.

“One day the words came. I told Eliot Kennedy that I wrote a song and here we are today. Emotional doesn’t quite cover it,” Becky said.

Proud of all that her mother has accomplished and of the involvement of her daughter Eva-May in the charity song, she added: “We realize, looking at my little girl and the bond she has with my mother , his mum, that things could have been very different if mum hadn’t insisted on the operation and pioneered the operation all those years ago.

“Not just for our family, but for many families around the world. It’s quite overwhelming.

Wendy Watson, Founder of the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline

Wendy, from Wingerworth, Chesterfield, said: “This song has really captured for me the enormity of what has actually been achieved in the 25 years I am humbled and delighted.

The song’s co-writer, Scott Ford, revealed: “I actually wrote the piano piece in Waterloo Station, on their piano. It was a moment of pure inspiration and I think it was. is a beautiful piece to have composed.

“I have worked with Becky before, on previous musical projects and we have a great relationship, so it was an honor to get involved.”

Jane Ledsom, backing vocalist for the single, lost her mother to cancer. She said, “I got to know the BRCA gene through friends who were affected, but had no idea what actions Wendy’s life changed.

She said: “I lost my mother to skin cancer and I relied a lot on the charities available to me at the time and I know how invaluable they are. Record this song with the three generations, singing their story was very personal to them, so being allowed to be a part of it was very touching and more than special.

Leicester-based Dr Julian Barwell, clinical genetics consultant, said of the helpline: “The NHBCH is an invaluable service to the community. It is clear that the helpline has helped thousands of women in the UK directly and indirectly; several hundred thousand across Europe, keeping families together longer.

Thank you (it’s all because of you) The National Hereditary Breast Cancer Support Charity is now standing out

“The helpline has been built over the past 25 years; around the triad of Wendy’s vision; Becky’s contagious positivity and enthusiasm; and Professor Gareth Evan’s unmatched conviction and expertise in hereditary breast cancer. The hope of NHBCH is embodied in this charity single – science keeps us alive long enough to express ourselves through the arts. “

The song premiered at the sold-out NHBCH 25th Anniversary Ball at the Technical Stadium last month.

Eva May and mom Becky Measures in the recording studio

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