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Morgan Wallen no longer banned from country radio

voice Alum’s Morgan Wallen was rebroadcast on country radio after being banned for months after a video was released that captured him using a racial slur. The country music singer returned to Season 6, which premiered in 2014, and began as a participant in the NBC Singing Contest Series. He auditioned. voice The trainer of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Howie Day’s “Collide”. Only Shakira and Usher turned the chair for him. Warren eventually chose singer “DJ Gut Asfarin in Love” as his coach. During Battle Round 2, Warren lost the battle but was robbed by Levine. He was eliminated in the playoffs.

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Despite his early termination of voice, Warren has had great success in the music industry. He released an EP in 2015 and his first album If I know myself, Released in 2018. His second album, Danger: Double albumI spent 7 weeks on top of, released in january Billboard 200 cards. But over the past year, Warren has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Until his scheduled appearance Saturday Night Live Last October, voice Alum caught in violation of COVID-19 guidelines by throwing maskless party at bar.his SNL The appearance was rescheduled for December. Later, a video showing they were using racial slurs was posted online earlier this year. As a result, his music was removed from country radio and temporarily removed from some streaming services. His label eventually suspended him and he was banned from several music awards. Despite the scandal, his fans were blocked by him, as evidenced by the surge in his album sales.

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through variety, Warren’s music was slowly added to country radio after being banned for about four months. As one radio executive put it: “There was no fanfare when people started adding it again. It has been completely suppressed and neglected. It’s like a soft opening.“Individual stations owned by companies like iHeartRadio and CoxMedia can decide for themselves what to do with Wallen’s music. “Yes [they’re] I used to put his music on the radio and I think the guy was on the sidelines long enough, that’s [their] call,“Added frames.

Morgan Wallen SNL Performance

The radio says “Absent [making] Big thing“About Warren’s return to radio waves.”This is what people try to do quietly and don’t want to make a lot of noise,“Another insider explained.”It’s like letting it blend in with the mosaic of things.“It seems to lift this decision voice The alum bans the rod Not only the time that has elapsed since the start of the scandal, but also “Reasonable signal from [Wallen’s] The world where he takes up his challenges, “With both racial susceptibility and drug addiction. Even his record company lifted his suspension.

It’s no wonder Warren is back in country music. It’s clear his fans aren’t concerned that he used racial slurs, and they stand by his side perfectly. Radio stations seem to be feeling pressure from listeners. The decision to quietly lift the ban appears to be a way not to offend critics of Warren. When a celebrity experiences a scandal and stays away from the public for a while, time seems to heal some wounds, even at the surface level. Sometimes fans and critics can forgive after a while. voice Alum Warren is ready to change for the better.

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