Maren Morris will host a show on Apple Music Radio

Launch March 29

MAREN MORRIS is launching a new weekly radio series, “Humble Quest Radio,” on APPLE MUSIC radio stations APPLE MUSIC 1 and APPLE MUSIC COUNTRY, beginning TUESDAY, MARCH 29 at 4 p.m. CT. The news comes just ahead of the release of the COLUMBIA NASHVILLE artist’s third studio album, “Humble Quest,” which is due out this FRIDAY (3/25).

MORRIS will DJ while answering fan questions on the “Humble Quest HQ Hotline,” paired with corresponding playlists for each episode. In the first show, MORRIS will share stories about his personal life and what led to the creation of his new album.

“If we go back just a little bit to where this quest started, I was in a very interesting place in my life,” MORRIS said. “We were in a global pandemic, I had recently been a new mother and lost someone very dear to me, my friend and producer, BUSBEE. And it was kind of the perfect storm for the songs are made of trauma and tragedy and heaviness, but also new beginnings, like becoming a mother, becoming stronger with my partner. I feel like that’s how everything suddenly happens. And from the stories you’ve shared with me, I’m not alone in this experience. It’s crazy to think that my humble quest led me to host my own radio show, but that’s what happens when you’re ready to accept what life throws at you. Throughout this series, I look forward to seeing how our journeys are similar, where they’re different, what I could learn from you, and what I could share with you.

MORRIS joined APPLE MUSIC’s ZANE LOWE for an interview TODAY (3/23) and discussed behind the scenes of his upcoming album, and more. Listen to the interview here.

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