Capital launches new 24/7 dance music radio station

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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020

If you wonder why lobbyists for the UK commercial radio industry have so quickly denounced the BBC’s plans to launch a new 24/7 dance music service within BBC Sounds, well, who knows? In unrelated news, commercial radio giant Global announced the launch of a new 24/7 dance music service.

The new Capital Dance radio station will be broadcast on the DAB digital radio network and online, “broadcasting the greatest dance anthems and club mixes.” It is run by DJ MistaJam, who left the BBC earlier this month after fifteen years hosting shows for 1Xtra and Radio 1.

MistaJam will host a show on driving time from Tuesday to Saturday, as well as an evening show on Fridays and Saturdays which will also be broadcast on the main network of the Capital. Existing Capital DJ Coco Cole is also joining the new station with an evening show throughout the week and a late night show on weekends.

Confirming all this, Global Broadcast Director James Rea said, “Capital Dance is a brilliant addition to the Capital brand, opening it up to a whole new set of music and dance genres, led by the one of the greatest personalities and most esteemed figures in the world. dance music. We are delighted to welcome MistaJam to the Global family on both Capital Dance and the Capital Network for the all new Capital Weekender show on Friday and Saturday nights ”.

Last month, the BBC announced the launch of Radio 1 Dance, a new service within its BBC Sounds app that bundles the broadcaster’s existing dance music shows and guest mixes from the archive.

The move was criticized by commercial radio group RadioCentre, which said the license-funded BBC was supposed to offer services “separate” from what was already available in the wider market, and as regards the programming of dance music. “Commercial radio has a rich catalog in this area”.

One of the champions of the commercial radio sector in Parliament, Andy Carter MP, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group For Commercial Radio, then said that Radio 1 Dance was another example of the BBC’s unfair competition with its rivals commercials and called on media regulator OfCom to investigate.

But OfCom said that because Radio 1 Dance was only reusing existing content, the new channel did not need to be reviewed to confirm its public service mission. However, the regulator said it would review the company’s broader plans for the evolution of the BBC Sounds app.

Meanwhile, back at Global Headquarters, former BBC dancer and now Capital dancer MistaJam said: music radio station, Capital Dance, and take the reins of the brand new Capital Weekender show for to make it the biggest dance music show in the UK ”.

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