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Blossoms: “Nothing compares to live music”

3 May 2021, 12:05 | Updated: May 4, 2021, 2:33 PM

Five-piece Stockport Blossoms spoke to Radio X about the Sefton Park Pilot headliner in Liverpool on Sunday.

Last night (Sunday 2 May), for just one night, 5,000 fans crowded into Liverpool’s Sefton Park to take place in the Sefton Park Pilot – an official government test to determine how large-scale events can work at the future.

Flowers titled The Night, with the support of the singer-songwriter from Liverpool ZUZU and the Wigan group The Lathums.

Speaking to Radio X, the leader Tom ogden noted: “[Live music] is so different from everything else. How loud the music is, the common thing is that many people in one place are sharing this experience with your favorite band.

“Nothing can compare to this. Music is the soundtrack of people’s lives. “

“It’s something to look forward to,” added the Guardian singer. “Say you work 9 to 5 in an office, but you know two weeks from now you’re going to see your favorite band in a field, you’re like ‘good, yeah! “But when there is nothing on the horizon, what should you expect?”

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Blossoms performs in front of 5,000 music fans at the Sefton Park Pilot

Blossoms performs in front of 5,000 music fans at the Sefton Park Pilot.

Photo: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

All participants were required to take a supervised COVID test prior to arrival, with entry only permitted once a negative test had been received. Once inside, fans didn’t need to wear masks, socially distance themselves, or stick to the rule of six. They will then need to take another lateral flow test in five days (May 7) to assess the impact of the event on the spread of the virus.

After the COVID testing was completed, the Sefton Park Pilot performed like any festival you will remember.

Ogden went on to say, “They did it in a few other countries, and that’s to test by trying to bring live music back to normal. They’ve tried social distancing gigs, but they just don’t work out the same way. It is not viable.

“By June 21 it should be back to normal, but I think everyone is a little afraid to love, just go back to the shows. It is therefore a question of piloting it and seeing how it goes.

Event planner Melvin benn said before the concert: “It’s going to be a hell of a day and night, but at the end of the day it’s about collecting data. And what a way to collect data that by looking Flowers, The Lathums, and ZUZU? “

More festivals like Latitude, Wild region, and Reading and Leeds hope to move forward, without restriction, this summer.

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