Biden administration slams foreign digital services stealing American music

Today, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released its annual report Notorious Markets Report highlighting illicit services that threaten the American music community and other creators. Below is a quote from the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) Senior Vice President of International Policy, George York, on the report:

“We are extremely grateful to Ambassador Tai and the entire USTR team and their interagency colleagues for this critical report which highlights how worldwide copyright piracy is undermining the comparative advantage of United States in terms of creativity to the detriment of American workers and results in significant financial losses for American copyright holders and creators.

The digital services identified in today’s report are deeply damaging not only to the American music community, but also to the American economy and to the good jobs, wages and growth our community provides.

“We particularly welcome the report’s prioritization of the types of thefts that target the music community and cause significant harm to creators, including pre-release piracy and stream mining. Although the report focuses on several infringing music services in Europe, including Russia, this is a critical global challenge we also face in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

For example, we’ve seen worrying amounts of pre-release piracy increase in Nigeria, where such sites have thrived amid gaps in legal protections for creators and enforcement against online theft.

“The recording industry is extremely grateful for the tireless work that the USTR and the inter-agency team have put into this report, which again sets the standard for other countries to follow. The commitment to promote the protection and copyright enforcement around the world, exemplified by this report, is greatly welcomed, and we look forward to continuing to work with Ambassador Tai and her team to help ensure an environment where American creativity can flourish and prosper.

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