7 Video Game Music Radio Websites For Great Background Music

Video game music is special. Hearing it can bring back nostalgic feelings of your favorite games or set the mood for almost any occasion. Even if you don’t usually play video games, it’s still easy to enjoy the music while you work or study, as composers create the music to run well in the background anyway.

Let’s look at the best video game music radio websites to play hours of game music without you having to search for tracks individually.

Rainwave Game Music Radio

Rainwave is by far the best video game music radio site. It contains a plethora of game tracks and the extensive features make it a must-see site for any video game music fan.

On Rainwave, you’ll find five different channels for game music, accessible via a bar at the top. These are:

  • All: Hear everything Rainwave has to offer.
  • Game: Only play music directly from games.
  • Chiptune: Limited to 8-bit music from older systems and composers of this musical style.
  • OC Remix: A station containing only tracks from OC Remix, one of the best video game music remix sites.
  • Covers: Contains official covers and created by fans of game music.

Each Rainwave station mixes its huge pool of music. When you sign up for a free account, you open up the best features of the site, such as being able to vote for one of the three tracks to play next.

Once logged in, you can also use the Library and To look for tabs to request anything in the Rainwave library. There are thousands of Albums and Artists, as good as Categories that bring together a game franchise in one place.

The service uses a cooling system to prevent the same music from being played too often. Each song, album and category has a waiting period before it can be replayed. For example, if a song from Donkey Kong Country 2 is played, Rainwave will not play that song for a few days, will not play anything from DKC 2 for several hours, and will not play anything from other Donkey Kong games for a short time. Cooled tracks are displayed in blue.

Rainwave Library and Reviews

The site allows you to rate each song, as well as add songs / albums to your favorites. When a track or album you’ve favorite appears in the voting queue, you’ll see it highlighted in yellow for easy identification. And it keeps track of that exam data. You can see the site average for each track and album, as well as click on your own profile to see your rating history.

Overall, Rainwave is a very impressive radio service for video game music. Whether you passively take advantage of its vast library or dive into scoring and all the available options, it should be in your bookmarks.

VGM Radio Music 2021

VGM Radio isn’t as impressive as Rainwave, but it’s still a decent site to quickly launch a video game music radio station. Once you click on the To play button, you will start to hear the current track and can enjoy music from there.

This is really it; there is no option to skip tracks, vote for the next song or create an account. In our testing, the site played a Super Mario Odyssey track before switching to a Mega Man 2 song. But there’s also some lesser-known music to enjoy; the third track we heard was by Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Unfortunately, the current track list doesn’t update as soon as the song changes, which can be a bit confusing if you want to search for something. And in the vein of traditional radio, you will also hear occasional “station IDs” announcing that you are listening to VGM Radio.

RPGamers Video Game Radio

While the RPGamers site hasn’t been updated for over a year at the time of writing, its radio page is still a solid way to enjoy video game music radio. Like VGM Radio, it plays one track at a time. However, it has additional features and does not require login.

Use the Skin drop-down list to fine-tune the appearance of the player, matching it with the appearance of various games like Super Metroid, Halo or Chrono Trigger. You can also vote on songs using a simple More Where Less button to like or dislike them. As more people vote you will see the “level of experience” change.

From the player menu, you can choose to view recent songs, request a track from the library of about 4,500 people, or join the site’s Discord. It also shows how many people are listening.

Overall, RPGamers isn’t as expansive as Rainwave, but it delivers more than VGM Radio.

NoLife radio game music

This site doesn’t stand out for any particular reason, but it’s worth visiting if you want more of a video game music fix. It just plays a track and lets you click Yes Where No vote if you like it; you don’t need to login.

Except To play top left button and a volume slider, there’s not much else to explore. NoLife keeps a log of previous tracks, making it easy to go back and find something you liked earlier. The color scheme can be hard on the eyes and looks dated, but there’s something charming about it too.

Kohina Video Game Radio

Kohina’s website looks like something you would see on a hacker’s screen in a movie, but it’s a good source of chiptune music from video games and other sources. You will hear many retro tracks from the Game Boy, arcade titles and more.

The simple text-based interface contains the current track and previous songs. You can also see the length of each track on the right side.

Final Fantasy Radio

If you are a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, check out this page. As the name suggests, it offers a straightforward player that plays tunes from the legendary JRPG franchise.

The homepage notes that the site’s original founder has passed away, but it is still run by others in his honor.

Rapture Radio Music

If you’re a fan of the 1930s-1950s retro music featured in shows like Fallout and BioShock, you’ll love this page. He plays a mix of classic genres like doo-wop, swing, big band, and traditional pop. Between songs, you will occasionally hear in-game “commercials” that go through the sound system in BioShock games.

One downside is that the dedicated page this site offers, which included information on the current track, is not functioning properly at the time of this writing. However, you can still enjoy the music right on the home page; there is simply no information on the trail. Try sites that help you identify songs if you want to find one.

If you can’t hear anything, you may need to allow the site in your browser to automatically play audio. A prompt to do so should appear in your address bar.

Other sources of video game music

We’ve picked out several great sources of video game music, but these are far from the only options. YouTube has tons of video game music channels that offer hours of music from all kinds of titles. A quick search for “video game music mixer” should bring up a lot, and you can often find a mix to suit any mood, such as exciting or calming.

You will also find huge mixes of video game music on streaming services. On Spotify, for example, try Best of Video Game Music or Video Game Music for Study / Work. Playlists like these have plenty of hours of music that you can relax with.

Enjoy video game music with radio experience

With these excellent video game music radio sites, you can listen to a huge mix of game music without having to choose all the songs yourself. Just open one of these pages and enjoy the tunes they bring.

And if you want to branch out a bit, there are other genres of music that every gamer should enjoy.

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