14 UK music radio hosts advancing culture (2021 edition)

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To a greater or lesser extent, the UK has always had a good radio. From pirate stations of the ’60s to DIY broadcasters of the’ 90s and 2000s, radio has always been connected to the underground, connecting renegade creators with listeners hungry for novelty.

Thanks to the lockdown and preparation inside for over a year, this has been put to the test. All of a sudden it became impossible to bring people from different households together in the same room and the radio competitors were in trouble. As one of the few mediums immune to this problem, radio has flourished. Stations like Rinse and Reprezent have always done well, but over the past 12 months they have stolen the show. Not only that, but new players have entered the game. Popular outfits like No Signal have been the stars of the lockdown, captivating millions of people with the NS10v10 format (which has since spawned several imitators) and making it stars. hosts and her core team, especially Henrie Kwushue, Scully and sex blogger Oloni.

Likewise, new faces have passed into the big leagues, shaking up broadcasting institutions like BBC Radio 1Xtra and Capital Xtra. Building on the foundations laid by established legends such as MistaJam, Sian Anderson, SK Vibemaker, DJ Target, Manny Norte, DJ Ace, Jenny Francis and Charlie Sloth, new faces like DJ Kenny Allstar, Tiffany Calver, Snoochie Shy and Nadia Jae are propelling broadcasting into the 21st century.

After spending hours and hours on the FM dial, the Complex team have compiled a list of UK music radio hosts who are pushing culture forward, live and off, in 2021. Tune in below.

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